Will my vehicle look like it did before my accident?

Our Repair Technicians, using the latest in repair technology and equipment, will return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Will the paint match?

Our painters are trained to use BASF paints, the leader in painting technology, using the best quality materials. We mix our own paint with our Computerized Paint Mixing System to guarantee the color matching of your vehicle.

What if my vehicle has frame or structural damage?

Whether you have a Car, Truck or SUV we can repair the frame or unitized body with our Chief E-Z Liner frame machine. Trained to use this machine with the Chief Measuring System, we are able to return that vehicle to its original factory specification.

Does my insurance company have to choose my repair shop?

NO! An Insurance company cannot tell you where to get your vehicle repaired, but they may recommend a “Direct Repair Program Shop (DRP).” You the customer is the only one who decides were to have your vehicle repaired. We will work with all insurance companies to make sure your vehicle is repaired right. In fact we are a “Direct Repair Program Shop (DRP)” for many insurance companies.

We are a DRP shop. What is a DRP SHOP?

A Direct Repair Program Shop (some companies use a different name for their program) is a repair facility that meets certain requirements. They do this to help their customers get the best possible repair for their vehicle, making sure that the repair shop will not take advantage of the customer or the insurance company.

Some of the requirements are

  • Computerized Estimates for more accurate estimate of damage.
  • Licensed appraiser so the person doing the estimate is capable to write an estimate properly.
  • Paint application system and refinishing area which meet current applicable safety and environmental requirements and will produce an original manufactures type of color and finish.
  • Frame / Unibody equipment with a measuring system that will repair todays vehicles.
  • MIG welder for proper welding on vehicle.
  • AC Equipment for use by certified personnel to evacuate and recharge air conditioning systems that meet all federal, state, and local requirements.
  • Ongoing training - for all management and technical personnel.
  • Pre-printed Warranty for customers.
  • Computerized estimating system which meets the requirements of the Insurance Company.

We are a DRP shop for many insurance companies, call us to find out if yours is one of them.

We offer a written warranty with all repairs.

Do I pay the difference if the insurance company's estimate is lower than the repair shops?

There is no additional charge to you. According to state law your insurance carrier and the repair shop must come to an agreed price for the repairs. We work for you to make sure we document and identify all physical damage to your vehicle. You are only responsible for your deductible and any additional work you requested.